Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Is Arranged Marriage the Same As a Mail Order Bride Arrangement?

The terms mail order bride and arranged marriage are both misunderstood by popular culture. They are also sometimes mistaken for the other. To answer the question, no, arranged marriages are not the same as a mail order bride.

In an arranged marriage, the bride and groom are chosen beforehand by the parents, elders, or a matchmaker. This union is meant to help the two young partners find the right person to get married to.

There are a number of reasons why the parents choose to arrange a marriage for their children. For some families, it is economical reasons. For example, two families want a partnership in terms of business and the best way to guarantee the foundation of this partnership is to join their two families together through marriage.

Other parents choose to arrange marriages to guarantee the future by marrying children off to someone who is guaranteed to take care of them.

Mail order bride arrangements are different. Mail order brides are not as depicted by media and film. These mail order brides are simply women who register with websites like A Foreign Affair or Colombian Woman in order to meet a man to marry abroad. The men seek out these women by registering for these same sites in order to communicate.

Colombian Woman, the industry’s leader in international online matchmaking services, offers everything from translation services to romance tours to guarantee that these men and women have every tool at their disposal to meet and fall in love. Unlike arranged marriages, the men and women who meet on these websites enter into their relationships of their own free will.

Mail order bride arrangements and arranged marriages are commonly mistaken for each other, yet are completely different. Perhaps the only thing that these two have in common are their misrepresentation by mainstream media. Arranged marriages are not all loveless, forced affairs, and mail order brides are not desperate women looking to meet a man for money.

What other differences between the two do you know of? Do you think they’re the same? Send me a response, and let’s talk about it!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Is it good idea to join singles tour?

Hey all! I need help… I’ve recently registered in a site called Colombian Woman and has started corresponding a woman from Cartagena. Things have been going well. We’ve started getting to know each other. She’s a sweet girl and I feel like I can trust her. But, I still worry.

How can you tell if a woman is genuine?

I haven’t really opened myself up to her and don’t know if I should. I want to know more about her and let her know more about me too… this is a legit site and I trust that the girls are screened properly. But it’s my first time using such services and I have my uncertainties.

I’ve asked a friend for advice and told me “why not join a singles tour to Cartagena?” I’ve inquired and did some research on tours and I think it would be best for me to meet her there in person. I’ve sent her a letter letting her know about my plans about the tour and meeting her there.

It would be really helpful if someone who has been in one can give me some input? Even an opinion would be a good help. Is it really a good idea to join a singles tour?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Meeting a woman in Colombia

I’ve been a member of A Colombian Woman for over a full year now. I’ve been corresponding with few girls. I haven’t joined any singles tour yet either. The girl that really caught my interest is from the Bogota, her name is Keila.

I’m older than her by 10 years and she’s an amazing girl.

I’ve only had an interest in exchanging letters with her. I’ve decided that it won’t hurt to finally meet in person. I’ve decided to talk to her about it and she’s really happy. I’ve booked my ticket for the Christmas so we can spend it together because I think it would be very romantic.

But there are things I’d like to know…

I’ll be meeting her parents and siblings since she is really close with them. I’m just curious if there is anything that I should do or bring for them? What is a customary thing to do in instances like this when it comes to Colombians? I’m coming as a prospective husband for their daughter in their understanding and that’s fine with me since that’s the ultimate plan.

I would really want it to go smoothly so, getting some answers to my questions are highly appreciated.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Colombian Women in Love | Loving a Colombian Woman

Colombian women are definitely among the most passionate Latin Women in the Latin America. They are the epitome of true beauty. The kind of beauty which is not seen by the eyes, but by the distinct characteristics they have.
But how are Colombian women in love? What made them the ideal women for love and marriage?
dating a Colombian womanFor Colombian women, age difference is not a big deal. This fit perfectly for single mature men seeking for a longtime relationship, whether that be a divorced man or someone who is widowed. These women are optimistic, cheerful, and passionate. They have this positive outlook in life which make them the ideal partner for someone whose quest is to settle down.
Loving a Colombian woman is not a waste of your time. You might not know but these women have strong family values. They have a strong commitment to their future families if they will be pursued and persevered. The Colombian culture believes that family should be of great significance and women should be responsible in raising their future family well. This gives the conclusion that Colombian women are undoubtedly raised to be responsible wives.
Colombian women in loveThese women are worth dating; being beautiful inside and out, they are what you’ve been searching for. The qualities stated above are remarkable enough to testify their worth in love and marriage.
Colombian women can love you without any doubt. Their sense of responsibility is one edge they are proud of. This characteristic is absolutely what men like and seek for. They are modest and committed enough to be the best of what they are expected of. They are lovable and will love you in return. But this is a prerequisite if you learn to do the first steps in dating a Colombian woman.

What are those steps then?
  • Get yourselves involved with this website
     This is not just a website to scan through. This site advocates in helping foreign men find true love with lovable and single Colombian women. This matches both parties leading to a good marriage.
  • Join the site’s Single’s Events
     This service has been successful for years and has seen a lot of marriages. Love is purely evident in the eyes of women and men who were partnered after the event. This is also your chance to meet the love of your life.
  • Stay in contact with the woman
     Perhaps, you’ll be one of those lucky men who have shared their stories in involving themselves in this matchmaking agency. A lot of stories were shared inspiring others with the authenticity of this service. Staying in contact with the woman who caught your attention following the Singles Event also means you’re interested in them and your pursuit in finding for a Colombian bride might happen in just months away.
“Colombian Women Can Make Loving, Loyal and Passionate Brides”
Perhaps, having to choose among the Latinas make you wonder who are the most ideal women to be brides. The answer could be just a matter of choosing the best among the rest. But let’s just face the fact that there is no such thing as perfect. This is the same thing with someone’s desire of a perfect marriage. Remember, there is no perfect marriage but there can be a happy marriage.
loving a Colombian womanLoving a Colombian woman is definitely one of the greatest things you can ever do.
If you’re looking for a happy marriage, then looking for a bride is always a big deal with a big responsibility; and this is true for Colombian women. Colombian women relationships are some of the chosen in the Latin America. These women could be your best option in dating and hopefully, becoming your wife.
These women are also intelligent so they know exactly what they’re into and what they should be in building a happy family. They are also known to be loyal and trustworthy. This is an evidence from which Colombia is proud of.
A Colombian woman could be your ideal wife-- take into consideration the traits stated above. These traits make good wives. These traits make a happy family. These traits are what you’ve been looking for. These traits are what you’ve been longing for.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Single Women of Barranquilla

Barranquilla is a major city in Southern America, specifically located in Northern Colombia. It is one of the most populous city, having over 2.5 million of population. Barranquilla is tagged as "Colombia’s Golden Gate". This is because of the city’s port which serves as the anchorage for industrialization and modernity.

Barranquilla women brings color to festivities

Just like Cali, Cartagena, or Bogotá, Barranquilla is also full of tourist attractions from which its stance is competitive. These include:
  • Bocas de Ceniza - This is the opening of the Magdalena River. Within this place, you can see local restaurants and swamps. Trips are also organized here.
  • The Port of Puerto Colombia - This was once one of the longest port in the world. This port was built by the Barranquilla Railway and Pier Company. This was famous not until it was partially closed in 2008. Because of its damages done by strong winds, the complete closure of the port was made. However, the government is planning to restore it.
  • Barranquilla Zoo - This zoo is composed of over 500 animals of 140 species. This sanctuary keeps various species making Barranquilla one of the homes for native animals.
"Carnival of Barranquilla," a famous festival of the city. This festival is what makes Barranquilla a well-known city in the land of Colombia. This serves as the main prowess of the city’s tourism. Aside from events like this, Barranquilla also offers literary exhibitions like art shows or workshops, poetry, or even plays.
The “Carnaval de Barranquilla” is one of the world’s famed festivals. Street dances are seen in the city, even folk dances, games, songs, legends, masquerade parades, and superstitions are observed. “Quien lo vive, es quien lo goza”, this is slogan of the said festival. The festival starts from Saturday until Tuesday. The first activity is the “Battle of Flowers which is spearheaded by the Carnival Queen. It is the most anticipated event of the city. On the second day, the tradition and folklore parade. This shows the traditional essence of the city. On Monday, “The Great Fantasy Parade and the Orchestras Festival” take place. At the Orchestras Festival, national and international music are featured, the categories include:
  • Tropical
  • Vallenato
  • Salsa
  • Merengue
  • Urban Music
  • Rescuing the ours
Women in Barranquilla
Meet beautiful single women of Barranquilla now.

And in the last day of the festival, which is on Tuesday, a burial of Joselito Carnaval will be portrayed. This is an act which symbolizes the end of the festival.

For party-goers, local bars and restaurants are also present in the heart of Barranquilla.

With all these facts given to entice you to visit, you’ll be more tempted to cherish the place with these hot latin women, the single women of Barranquilla.

Barranquilla women are some of the latinas who has natural beauties. These women are light-skinned and sweeter compared to other Latinas in Colombia. Consider Shakira, a well-known superstar-- she is from Barranquilla. What do you see from here? Her characteristics or traits are some you may want to see and embrace!
If you’re looking for a slim but voluptuous beauty, Barranquilla girls should be your best option. Their dark hair and smooth bodies made them more stunning and lovable. One thing that made Barranquilla ladies known is how they dress to impress. This makes them more attractive and sexier.

Single Women of Barranquilla
Their culture and traditions will definitely make you love the Colombian women from Barranquilla.
Women of Barranquilla are absolutely friendly and intelligent. They are amiable and loves to laugh. So making them happy is a good factor in having them to be your girlfriend. For these women, family is very important. They are not just beautiful outside. Barranquilla ladies are loyal and trustworthy. This is the reason why these women are ideal wives. They are also marriage-minded and that is best observed from testimonials given by men who dated and married Barranquilla women. Since Barranquilla is part of the Caribbean Region of Colombia, the traits laid from people living in this area is impressive. The women are easy-going, festive, and peaceful. Violence towards another is invisible, they maintain a good atmosphere to each other’s relationship. These women are not just intelligent but virtuous as well. Their traits are golden and became ideals for lifetime companionship.
These women are more open and trusting. Once they are interested to a guy, they pay a good amount of attention and will surely not leave them behind.
Given these observations, Barranquilla ladies fit to be one’s wife. They can make a happy home. They are focused on having an ideal family. They are focused on being good mothers and wives to their future husbands. Latinas are interesting women. They are capitalized to be reliable and serious enough to pursue marriage. While there are a lot of choices, especially of women of other race; these beautiful Women are also the best chosen for someone seeking for that love and affection.
Discover true love with the Women of Barranquilla. These hot Latin women are what you’ve been looking for. Get to know why single Barranquilla women are one of the hottest women in Colombia. Discover the beauty of these Colombian women for marriage.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Single Women of Cali

Cali, originally called as “Santiago de Cali”, is an urban tagged as the most populous city in the southwestern part of Colombia. This city is home to a lot of historic churches such as La Merced and La Ermita. The city’s economy is also impressive as it is fast-growing and progressive.
Cali is also an ideal place for a perfect getaway. This is because of the tourist centers surrounding the city. These include:
  • Parque Del Perro - a place where nightlife is most seen, this is because of the restaurants and bars surrounding the place.
  • Meet single women of Cali in one of the most beautiful placesPlaza De Cayzedo - the city’s main square
  • Sebastian De Belalcazar Monument - this is a monument known for its finger pointing the opposite direction of a valley.
  • Avenida San Joaquin - a popular place located in the Ciudad Jardin
  • El Gato - a sculpture of a cat made by Hernando Tejada
  • Cali River - a river surrounded by restaurants, hotels, and museums like La Tertulia
  • Cristo Rey - this religious monument situated on a hill gives a great view of Cali
  • Boulevard Del Rio Cali - a 980 meters long boulevard located by the river side of Cali
  • San Antonio - a traditional neighborhood of Cali. At the top of the hill of this neighborhood, the San Antonio Park can be seen.
See the beautiful women of Cali and its stunning tourist spotsEnjoy a night with a beautiful Cali woman in the most stunning tourist spot.
Cali is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia. The beauty encompassing this city is impressive and alluring. One of the main reasons are the women. But who are these women? What makes them alluring and impressive at the same time?

The women of Cali are some of the exotic beauties in the Central America. With their tanned-skin and long dark hair, falling in deep affection with these women is very possible. One thing that Cali Women are known for is their confidence in their bodies. They are not ashamed of showing some skin.
They are also into nightlife. They love being in an all-night party and dances until the dawn breaks. Their attitude in dressing and fitting is also stunning. They are sexy morenas who are not afraid to wear tight and revealing clothing. They know how to take care of their bodies so this is the best reason they look gorgeous and sensuous.

Appreciate the beauty of Cali ladiesThe single women of Cali are waiting to meet you!
Women from Cali Colombia are not known with their beauty alone but by their skills in dancing-- they love to dance. They know how to move their bodies. They appreciate music and sways with any tune present. They are better compared to social dancers. With this fact, Cali Colombia girls are really good in salsa, bachata, reggaeton, or any dance would that be.

These marriage-minded women are looking for good marriage. They have the traits of a good Latina. Dating these women may be a risky move to do but the testimonials given by those who have tried and succeeded are inspiring.
Discover true love with the Women of Cali. You might not know but these women are lovable and responsible enough to be your lifetime partners. Latinas are interesting women. They are capitalized to be reliable and serious enough to pursue marriage. With all of the Latinas in the Central America, Caleñas are not left behind from being the ideal brides for boundless marriage.
With the ongoing success of AFA (A Foreign Affair), organizing Romance Tours in some countries, marriage were seen and will continue blessing the lives of single men looking for relationship. While there are a lot of choices, especially of women of other races; these beautiful Cali Women are also the best chosen for someone seeking for that love and affection.
There is no perfection in marriage. What should be observed is a happy home and an ideal family-- and Cali Women are among the beauties who can give this idea a reality. These Cali ladies are what you’ve been searching for. They are just waiting for you.
So what are you waiting for? Fall in love with a woman of Cali now!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Single Women of Medellin

Colombia is definitely known for having one of the most beautiful range of Latin beauties in the world and it’s hard to argue with that. Women all throughout Colombia, Cartagena, Bogota, Barranquilla, and Cali, have different levels of beauty and allure, but ask any native Colombian who among their ladies are the finest and hottest, and they’ll definitely put their Single Women of Medellin on the top-- just like their gorgeous City. 

Medellin is a stunning city in itself, and among the most interesting places to travel in the world. How interesting? Well, it’s dubbed as the “2nd Best Country to Travel in 2017” by Lonely Planet and “South America’s Best Kept Secret” according to Travel and Leisure.
Medellin, is a beautiful metropolis on the hillside, where nature of lush scenery, tradition, history and modern life meets. Medellin has narrow valleys and high peak skyline securely nesting apartments, houses and office buildings; in a Colombian atmosphere of colorful pueblos and pueblitos, paintings, and breath-taking countryside with a thriving industry and commerce of textile, fashion, and exporting of cut flowers. What’s more interesting is their weather. So pleasantly friendly it has earned them the nickname “City of Eternal Spring” because of its spring-like vibe.
Although planted in the mountains and valleys, this nature-rific city’s urban scene cannot be underrated and dismissed as provincial. It’s actually modern and urbanized.
Did you know that it’s the first town in the world to utilize cable cars for mass transportation? And it has outdoors escalators around to save locals a hundred steps of transit? These and more reasons why Medellin bagged the “Innovative City of the Year” award in 2013 and the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize in 2016.
Despite a growing population and commerce, Medellin stays green, and have successfully preserved its tradition, culture, and values. A perfect reason to love Medellin, moreso their beautiful women.

Hot and Sexy Paisas

Single women of MedellinDo you want to be a lucky man? Medellin ladies are serious in finding love.
Paisas, as women of Medellin are called, are characterized by smooth white skin, beautiful well done surgically enhanced features, and full hips. Complement that with their pretty faces and you’ll get stunners that simply turn heads everywhere they go. Women in Medellin likes to always look their best. They especially give attention to hygiene and how they look. Women in Medellin are also very fashionable, so as their men. And that’s what they love in a man. They like their men to wear pants, tucked in shirts and shoes, even if they’re just strolling around the city-- to look decent all the time, except if they’re stepping on sandy beaches, for which wearing slippers are only sensible.
On top of their physical standards, they have attitude that adds to their external beauty; they’re friendly, approachable and hospitable in nature. They particularly like you to be honest, direct to the point, and respectable as they still hold traditional values in them. But don’t dismiss that as boring yet. Paisas loves to be social and have fun. They like to party but not the party-animals you’d probably see back home.
Medellin ladiesTheir culture and attitude will definitely make you fall in love with Paisas.
Speaking of traditional values, Single Women of Medellin are family oriented. They give high respect to their family’s opinion with regards to major life decisions-- fairly weighing pros and cons before arriving to a conclusion and acting on them. Being closely tied to family means they hold conservative values within them. They even often tend to be shy and feminine preferring their men to make their first move. If they appear “hard to get” even if they’re really interested, that’s because they value chivalry and courtship. They want their men to show they respect them, as well as their family. They want to make sure they present themselves as women of dignity and values.
Like most women in Colombian culture, Medellin’s Paisas not only take care of themselves, they also priority their families. They keep their home clean, nurture their kids, and takes care of their husbands well. It’s pretty understandable as women who grew up in an environment with close family ties, where a man’s role is upheld and an image of a woman is protected.
Medellin has its own unique charm. Despite being a city with around four million citizens, Medellin has preserved conservative traditions and family values. The beauty of Medellin truly goes beyond its physical attractions. It penetrates down to its people, culture and their women. This balance of beauty, social life in moderation, and traditional values in check are what makes Medellin women rare valuable gems to cherish forever.
Get to know a pretty Paisa by browsing profiles of Single Women in Medellin here.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is more than the festivities, it gives us time ponder upon what lessons we have learnt and how we can spread happiness around, to look back at all the great memories and good people who came in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your loved ones!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Best Colombian Matchmakers and Marriage Agency Work for You in Colombia

Understanding the value of having some of the best Colombian matchmakers available and on your side is important. We are, essentially, an established professional marriage agency in Colombia staffed with real, live professional matchmakers throughout the country that go to work for you immediately. You will be instantly on your way to finding that one special Colombian woman who may become your beautiful bride for life.

Our Colombian Matchmakers Give You a Huge Advantage

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History of Colombia

Colombia, named after the famous discoverer “Christopher Columbus,” in his search and discovery of the “new world,” has a history worth exploring about. Let’s explore the beauty of this nation through its history.

A Country Rich in History

Medellin, as a major city of “The Republic of Colombia”.Colombia, officially called as the “Republic of Colombia” is a nation located in the northwestern part of South America. This country was once populated by indigenous people having a rich history noteworthy enough to be known by humanity. The Colombian history is a significant factor in knowing the facts and incidents of Latin America and its correspondents.

In 1499, the Spaniards set their first conquest in the land of Colombia. It was when they called the land, “New Kingdom of Granada” making “Santa Fe de Bogota” as the capital city. The colonization lasted for years until independence was achieved in the year 1819.

Cartagena, a historical city of Colombia.The expedition of Alonso de Ojeda opened the spanish conquest in Colombia. It was early 16th century when attempts were done to dwell in that land. But this didn’t take place not until 1525 where Santa Marta became the first settlement. In the year 1533, Cartagena was founded by Pedro de Heredia, a Spanish Commander under this regime. This opened windows to continually colonize Colombia because of the gold they found in the tombs of the Siñu Culture. They went to areas such as Chibchan-speaking states. This is when Spanish colonization was widely observed in the Americas.

Just like any other nations under a specific colonization, rebel movements were already observed in Colombia since the outset of Spanish era. Some of those leaders who led the crusade were Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Paula Santander.
  • Simon Bolivar - He established himself as the leader for the pro-independence forces in the Venezuelan Llanos, a vast plain occupying the east of Andes in Colombia and Venezuela. He also served as the president of the first union of independent nations in Latin America, from 1819 to 1830. He is a pure triumphant over the Spanish monarchy. A leader outspokenly led the independence for countries in the Latin America.
  • Francisco José de Paula Santander y Omaña - A Colombian military as well as a political leader who contributed a lot in the sought for independence in the land of Colombia, during the Spanish regime dated from 1810 to 1819. He was also in charge of the New Granada. At a young age, he enlisted himself already in the military troop, with its primary purpose to raise the flag of independence in the land of Colombia.
In the 20th century, wars and violence became the widespread issue in the parts of America, including Colombia. With USA’s intention to accordingly influence the area, Panama on the other hand established herself as a nation. Meanwhile, a total of $25,000,000 was paid by USA to Colombia.
A picture of a war in Colombia.This is in relation to the making of Panama Canal. War arose between Colombia and Peru because of territorial disputes. Fortunately, it ended with the action done by the League of Nations from which the organization bestowed the disputed area to Colombia.

With the appointment of Laureano Gomez as the president, Colombia took part in the Korean War as an ally of the United States. This nation was the only Latin America to enlist in the said war. The political stance of Colombia was also unstable by this time. This is because of the conflict and violence between two political parties which resulted to riots in some parts of the country.

Conquest for the New World

Christopher Columbus’s discovery capitalized the emergence of conquest and colonization. From completing four trips across the Atlantic Ocean, this explorer did not just discover the “new world”, but also opened doors for expanding and trading. While he did not literally unearth the new world, still he brought up the possibilities and upholding of power to conquer another nation.
A picture depicting Columbus’s discovery of the New World.With his legacy of discovering the new world, expeditions were done by affluent nations to vast their wealth and seek for more abundance. This happened to continents, namely: South America, Africa, or Asia. This gives the idea of the continual colonization even if war may occur.

For Colombia being one of those countries under the Spanish colonization, it is undoubtedly rich in terms of its culture and heritage. The Spanish era was a blast for the country, the influences it has given to the nation was boon yet bane at the same time. It may affected the nation’s countenance, but the reflection and effect is what made the history of Colombia eloquent and meaningful. This shaped the Colombian history.
As a conclusion, the history of Colombia ignites the evolution of modern Colombian. This is widely seen with the people situated in this nation. The history they have molded them to be what they are now. The country’s history hone them to be ideals and genuine people. From stones to gold being discovered in Colombia, silver and precious people are developed.

Friday, November 17, 2017

How to Meet Women in Colombia

If you are even reading this, you are most likely serious about finding out how to meet women in Colombia. We are much more than simply Colombian online personals of women seeking men like many other websites or even Craigslist. Our web site and services are backed by more than two decades of successful experience and numerous offices throughout Colombia with real, live matchmakers and staff working daily for YOU!

How to Use Our Service to Meet Single Women in Colombia
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We offer several discreet and confidential methods of communicating with the women. You can write letters to the women you like, write translated letters and even talk with them over the phone. We help you avoid language barriers by providing letter translation services online (included) and even provide gift services for you to show her how much you care, if you like.
  • Send Her a Personal Letter: With our personalized Express Mail service, our staff in her region ensure that your letter is delivered in the most efficient manner for the woman by personally contacting her when your letter is received. Our staff will even TRANSLATE your letter for FREE if needed. Our staff also works with the woman to facilitate her response to you.
  • Talk with Her on the Phone: Assuming the lady has agreed to receive phone calls, you can actually call her and talk with her on the phone. It's all confidential and discreet for both parties. Language is NEVER a barrier with our service. While many of the women actually speak at least fair to fluent English, translation assistance (normally included) is always available with all of our services. Our professional phone translators assist you in placing the call and translating during your conversation to ensure that you both understand each other and have a successful call.
  • Send Her a Nice Gift: Does your new relationship seem to be progressing? Is it time to make a gesture that shows her how much you care? Have you ever tried to send a gift internationally yourself? Sending a nice gift to the beautiful woman of your choice can often propel a budding relationship into full bloom - the next level, if you will. Our office and staff infrastructure in Colombia make sending her a gift easy, reliable and cost efficient. Choose from a wide variety of gifts that range from modest to elaborate and even get a picture of her receiving the gift!
  • conventional methods of communication in Colombian WomanOutside Communication Methods: Once your relationship has developed with the woman, you are free to use other more conventional methods of communication with her, if she consents, that are often free. You can use your personal email, text, services such as Skype and Viber and so on. We are a U.S. based company and obligated to U.S. federal law for international marriage / dating agencies. This means that we must operate under IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2006) compliance and the woman must consent in writing prior to the release of any personal contact information by our company specifically to you.

YOU Choose Who to Communicate with and How to Do It.

Once you have registered, there is never any obligation whatsoever. You are completely in control to pick and choose how you want to proceed. We offer a couple of different options:
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  • Platinum Membership (recommended - most popular): For a modest monthly membership fee, you can additionally receive all of these discounts, bonus' and benefits while using our services*:
    • 25% Discount on sending and receiving letters (translation included).
    • 33% Discount on Phone Calls (which always include a translator)
    • View the Women's Profile Videos for FREE! (as available)
    • Substantial BONUS credit options when adding funds.
    • 100% of your Membership Fee is credited towards future tour travel to meet the women of Colombia! (see below)
    • You will quickly and instantly realize the benefits and savings of your Platinum Membership!
    • Cancel ANYTIME without obligation! Even if you decide to cancel your Platinum Membership, you can still participate under the "Pay as You Go" method. Once you are registered you will always have free access to your account, without obligation.
However you choose to proceed, you are always in control with no hidden fees or obligations!
To activate your Platinum Membership, simply click on "Account" after you have completed your FREE online registration.

ACTUALLY MEET Women in Colombia

No relationship can come to full fruition unless you actually meet the woman. And you certainly can't consider marriage unless you actually meet the woman. In Colombia, it's highly unlikely she will have a visa to travel to the United States. To facilitate this "meeting" we offer our exciting singles tours to Colombia.
  • Group Singles Tours to Colombia: Our exciting group tours will be the romantic adventure of your lifetime that you will never forget - or regret! You can meet literally hundreds of beautiful, single, marriage-minded Colombian women in just 7 to 10 days! We currently offer Colombian Group Singles Tours to CartagenaBarranquilla and Medellin, Colombia departing several times each year. You can view our upcoming Colombian Singles Tour Schedule here.
  • Individual Club Singles Tours to Colombia: Possibly your schedule won't allow you to join one of our Colombian group tours or, perhaps, you just prefer to travel alone for whatever reason. During your Club Tour you will meet and date the women of your choice and be fully assisted during your stay by our local staff. Find out more about our Colombian Club Tours to meet the women.
We've just shown you, in a nutshell ...

How to Meet Women in Colombia!

... with our assistance and using our services to get you started.
However, you MUST take the first simple and FREE step ...

There is NO credit card required and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION in any way!
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Welcome To the New Face of Colombian Woman

Colombian Women!

Welcome to Colombian Woman!
A Columbian Woman's allure is probably one of the most irresistible things a man has ever seen. And for a gentleman looking for a bride to spend his lifetime with, a Colombian woman is worth exploring about.
A Columbian Woman’s beauty is one of the most exotic in the world. They are diverse. You can find them with dark sun-kissed skin, others have honey-like complexion, while a few others are white.
In Colombia, you can find a slender tall and lean super model like lady, and you can also find those with thick hips, big thighs and thin hips. But wherever you are in the country, feminine voluptuous curves are a common scene.
Their hair ranges from blonde to black, their eyes from dark to light, and their sizes from tall to petite. You probably could not find the most charming diverse beauty in the world but in Colombia. They just naturally have the right mix of curves, color, character and charm!
Thanks to history, people here are a beautiful cross of European, African, Indigenous and those in between.
Searching the entire country to find the best woman who fits your taste of a wife will be a fun tour.
Or you may sign up and browse our Colombian women profiles to take the quickest route.
Colombian Woman has thousands profiles with photos of beautiful and marriage-minded Colombian ladies from BarranquillaCartagenaCali and Medellin.
Colombian Woman Video Tour
Cartagenas’ “Cotenas” have sun-kissed skin, and are known to be the friendliest and most laid back in the bunch.
Medellin’s “Paisas” are famous as the hottest and sexiest women in all of Colombia.
Cali’s beautiful “Calenas” are the most beauty conscious and open-minded.
While the “Costenas” in Barranquilla have the most voluptuous curves as the most exotic ladies in the group.
But how are they as wives?

Why Colombian Women?

While they have the beauty, would they make a wonderful wife?
Colombian women are known to be traditional, modest and family-oriented. They are conservative with a wonderful unspoiled attitude ready to devote themselves totally to marriage. They are passionate, optimistic, and cheerful. Cooking for the family and looking after the house are priorities they enjoy because of the culture they grew up in.
Age difference is not a big deal to them, in fact, their culture sees it as “normal.” But that’s not all they do. Most Colombian women are educated, so they can work and take care of family without being heavily demanding of the material things she may think she deserves.

Why they are drawn to foreign gentlemen is because many of them simply find foreign men more attractive, responsible and respectful. Like every normal girl, most Colombian women seek a simple but stable and secure lifestyle

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Why You Should Consider Being with a Costeña?

Single Women of Cartagena are undoubtedly popular to tourists around the world, and that’s possibly also because of their beautiful city, Cartagena.

Cartagena, a city of Colombia picturized by rich color and old town colonial architecture and artifacts, is the most popular tourist destination in Colombia. Abound the city are old colonial buildings, balconies overflowing with hanging bougainvillea, alleys in cobblestones, big churches, plazas, and a nearby coast in Bocagrande where you can chill and hang out in.

The beauty and allure of the city seems only fitting for its nickname, “The Magic City” but most especially because of having the most charming women around.

Cartagena women in Colombia, are known as Costeñas. They are said to be one of the sexiest natural beauty all throughout Colombia. Costeñas have dark hair, brown eyes and milky brown skin wrapping their incredibly voluptuous body in petite stature.

Laid Back and Friendly Costeñas

But what sets them apart from other women in Colombia is definitely because of their innermost charm-- their attitude. Cartagena ladies are known to have the best personalities all over Colombia because of their easy going, fun and laid back attitude. They could be up to any activity, without demanding too much from you. No wonder they’re considered the friendliest women in Colombia.
Cartagena women, as with most Colombian and Latin women, are fiery and passionate. They care and love deeply and wants to have your attention to themselves. As women with high regards to men, they like you to take the lead, standing strong in your pursuit of their love. This is to show them how much you care for them.
These ladies love to have fun and have a knack for creativity. They love to dance and Salsa fires up the women of Cartagena. With that said, Colombian ladies would love to have their men dance with them, so don’t shy away in getting yourself on the dance floor because it’s something they’d appreciate, she would find dancing with you a romantic gesture.
In dating and relationship, their treasured traditional values, handed down from their mothers, are preciously preserved. Colombian women seek men with good hearts, preferring altruistic character traits rather than good looks. And for a man seeking a caring wife, it’s safe to say their values fit the married life perfectly.
They may flirt with you but ultimately wants your respect, take things slow and show chivalry. The Women in Cartagena loves to be chased. Despite being fun and light hearted, Cartagena ladies still like courtship, preferring men to make the first move.

Household chores and making the house a home are activities they don’t consider a bore. They love keeping the house clean, take care of their children, make fresh and delicious home cooked meals and pamper their husbands with their loving care. Their sincerity and honesty are oriented in a way that gives utmost respects to their men, upholding them as the pillar of the family and household. This and all are what makes Cartagena women very desirable wives.
In marriage, Colombians value formal ceremonies. In fact, weddings are a big deal in Colombia. As a culture that relishes fiestas, Colombians like extravagant celebrations.
They love their wedding ceremonies to lasts ‘til the morning. Colombia, being a romantic place in itself, has been dubbed as the destination-wedding capital of Latin America.

Whether you arrived in Cartagena to seek adventure and experience, “The Fantastic” town and the beautiful women of Cartagena can never be ignored. Their fun and optimistic outlook on top of their curvaceous exotic allure are what makes visiting Cartagena an even more meaningful and memorable experience.
More and more women of Cartagena and all over Colombia signed up to Colombian Woman to find the love of their life. They’re truly looking for a serious long-term relationship and a man who will treasure them forever. As a site which stands to nurture love and courtship, we hope we can bridge you and other gentle romance seekers in finding their Cartagena bride who’s worthy of their love and affection for a lifetime.
Browse our beautiful Cartagena Women Members here.