Monday, January 29, 2018

Is joining a dating site worth it?

I’m tired of being single and the unsuccessful first dates. My friend has been telling me to try and join the site Colombian Woman and mentioned that he’s met his now girlfriend from there. I’ve decided to register and got my first message from a girl. It was a great start and now, I’ve been corresponding with a few. But, now I wonder if doing this is good for me.

It’s my first time ever joining a dating site much less, one that has a matchmaking services. At least in this site, I know that the ladies I’m corresponding with are to some degree a good match with me. But then now I wonder, if this is actually a good move for me. I may just be desperate, but I really want to find ways to end this single life I’m in. Can you guys give me some advice or some sort of a moral support? What’s your stand on dating site?

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