Thursday, January 18, 2018

Planning to surprise my gf abroad. Will it be a good idea?

I meet my Latina girlfriend from a Colombian Woman a few months ago. We just got into a relationship after months of chatting. Since the holidays are coming up, I was planning on booking the next flight over to her place and surprise her with gifts.
I would also love to meet her in person and celebrate the festivities with her family as well. The only problem is that her family doesn’t know about our relationship yet and I have no clue on how they would react if I would suddenly show up.

It would be shocking for them to have a foreigner popping up during the holidays and having to introduce myself as their daughter’s online lover. I know that some people have yet to understand the concept of online dating, an international type, on top of that. I’m afraid of what they would think when come over and surprise my lady and bring her gifts.
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her but how do I pull this off without any knowledge of her plans and how things would go? What are the factors I should plan out and consider before heading over to her country?

She has no clue that I intend to visit her during the festivities so there are plenty of options to think over, such as pushing through with this or not. Can anyone tell me if this plan is a good or bad idea? Money isn’t an option for me and I don’t mind traveling during the holidays. The only problem I’m worried about is how I’ll be able to pull this off and her family.
Should I prepare some kind of routine for them to have a good first impression of me? Should I bring them gifts as well? Is this even a good time to let them know about my relationship with their daughter? Help! I’m starting to freak out and I’m running out of time. Any suggestions or advice guys?

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