Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Top 5 Things To Do in Cartagena, Colombia

If you are thinking of traveling, do consider Cartagena, Colombia and include it in your list of places to visit. Cartagena is a home of rich history, colorful buildings and basically a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. That is not just its trademark; also, there are plenty of things to see and experience firsthand in Cartagena. Book a flight to the said city now in order to meet and date beautiful Colombian women and to enjoy what the city has to offer. Be stunned by Cartagena women’s beauties, so as its best destinations. Here are the top 5 activities to do in the city:

  • Make a trip at Ciudad Amurallada.

This place is located as the heart of Cartagena. Ciudad Amurallada is a walled city protected by a fortress to keep the city safe from pirates and storms. Despite its looks, you won’t believe you can find incredible bars, restaurants, shops and expensive yet beautiful hotels within this small area. Even if this place is filled with tourists almost all year round, the historic corner of this walled city has never lost its glamour. It will be perfect to bring your Colombian date in here!
  • Have a stroll at Castillo De San Felipe de Barajas.

You cannot just visit Cartagena without going to this amazing, huge castle. This castle serves as a fortress in the city of Cartagena. It was built by the Spaniards during their colonization period. The construction of this huge castle started in 1639 but remained incomplete until 150 years later. However, after it’s completion, it has been a crowning landmark and a recommended spot for every visitor. Tourists can stroll through its battlements and underground passages. It’s best to go there early in the morning or during evenings to avoid a very sunny strolling. It is nice to have a walk in this location and be impressed of its architecture.
  • Have a blast at Playa Blanca.

This beach, Playa Blanca, is undeniably one of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia. With its crystal clear, warm waters and perfect white sand, tourists have come dashing there to relax in this breathtaking beach. You can spend a day here and can stay overnight if you want to. Come and enjoy the beach with Colombian women and try some of the most delicious seafoods sold alongside the beach. If you are into this kind of adventure, then Playa Blanca is the one for you. 
  • Look out for Museo De Oro’s collection and exhibit.

Almost every big city in Colombia has gold museums and since Cartagena is a large city in the said country, it is not exempted. Despite its size, Museo de Oro has a fantastic collection of 600+ gold, silver and ceramic pieces on display. It also has a pottery of the ZenĂș people who inhabited Bolivar, Cordoba, Sucre and northern Antioquia before the Spanish colonization. If you are fond of historical destinations, Museo de Oro is a must-visit. 
  • Hangout with beautiful Cartagena women on Chiva (Party Bus).

Having fun on a Chiva (party bus) is every Colombian’s activity. Basically, it’s a party that starts on the bus. You will have to expect live musicians playing Vallenato, a lot of dancing with local liquor while in a bus. Then, you will be dropped off at different large bars around the city where the Chiva will leave you to enjoy your night away. Most hotels in Cartagena city are arranging the Chiva tours for the visitors. If you prefer traveling alone in this city, trying this Chiva party bus is one great way to meet single Colombian ladies.

Pay a visit to Cartagena city now and try these one-of-a-kind activities that are waiting for you. 
When you get there, just be sure you are ready to have some fun. Meet you future bride along your travel!

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