Sunday, September 9, 2018

Here’s How to Enjoy Colombia!

Colombia is one of those places which you must consider visiting. Why? It’s simply because it has something that can make you bring out the adventurous side in you. The beautiful country is known for its tropical landscapes, amazing natural treasures, emeralds and beautiful flowers. Its culture, people and cuisine are shouting for pride. The happiest country in the world, Colombia, is the home of peace and happy individuals. It is not as dangerous as what you guys think. Indeed, it offers every traveler plenty of options.

 Aside from meeting beautiful single Colombian Woman, here are few of the favorite things to do and see by most local and foreign tourists in Colombia:

Visit at Amazing Coffee Farms

More often than not, as people enjoy a morning coffee, they do not commonly consider wondering where the coffee bean came from and what it went into before it turned into an aromatic drink. In your visit in Colombia, you will surely appreciate how it is being processed and be amazed by the people behind everyone’s most-loved hot drink. Colombia is famous for its coffee. It is actually the world’s third-largest producer of coffee, next to Brazil and Vietnam. You may visit Café Alberto, Hacienda Venecia, and more. You have plenty of choices. Your visit in the country will be completed by tasting the country’s pride--- coffee.

Climb up or stroll at Cocora Valley

Cocora Valley can be found just near the coffee farms. After spending some time at a particular coffee farm, you can go for a walk at this breathtaking valley. It is basically distinct in shape. A towering forest (223 ft tall) covered with clouds during early in the morning will surely take your breath away. You can have two activities to be done just at this destination. You can climb up above it to appreciate the atmosphere and enjoy the views. If you are not ready for a climb, you can just stay at its ground and be fond of the tall wax palms that are probably the tallest wax palms you will ever get to see in your whole life.

Hike and swim at Tayrona National Park

If you are somewhere north in Colombia, You can spend a day hiking and swimming at Tayrona National Park to load off your mind. You may start your day with a walk through its tropical forest where you may be able to find different kinds of monkey and agouti if luck will have its side on you. Your walk will lead you toward Cabo San Juan beach where you can relax and freshen up for the whole afternoon. Then, have a blast at its crystal clear water to give yourself a relaxing reward after the tiring yet enjoying hike. However, you must know that not all the beaches at Tayrona National Park are safe for swimming due to rough waves and big rocks. Be cautious by reading the signs carefully before jumping into the water.

Wander through the streets of Old Town Cartagena

Cartagena is located on the Caribbean Sea and is actually Colombia’s second oldest city. This city was a Spanish colonial trading center for centuries now. As a matter of fact, this is the same place where Spanish colonists stored up all their spoils before shipping it to Spain. Despite the years that passed, the old town manages to retain its labyrinth of streets with old colonial homes, churches and grand plazas. This place is definitely one of those cities where it’s best for you let yourself get lost and meet Cartagena women.

Have a mud-bathing at Totumo Volcano

Can you imagine your body being covered with mud volcano? Are you wondering if this is fun? Well, it might be. You can only get to know if you try. Get a mud massage at Totumo mud volcano near Cartagena for the cheapest price you could avail of. You can enjoy floating at the mud volcano then let your skin take over fifty-five (55) different minerals from it. Afterwards, you can stagger down at a nearby lake. There you can find a group of women to help you scrub your body clean. If you think this is destressing, then book a flight now!

Enjoy and appreciate Bogota’s street art

Particularly, if you appreciate street art, it is recommended that you spend a day or more at Bogota. The mural paintings there are very impressive; in fact, it is where you will be able to forget about what is stressing you out. Your eyes will be filled with numerous artworks with concealed messages. You will spot some large street murals while strolling at the corners of Bogota street. Those arts often carry underlying messages about the country’s social and economic issues. Somehow, it will give you ideas about the country’s political situation.

To probably meet your longed Colombian wife, plan a trip to Colombia and bring out the best of it. 

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